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    01Brake Parts & Kits

    I want someone to provide all the brake system products, to accept my small QTY order, and customized products.

    Bullbrakes manufacture brake pads, brake linings, brake shoes, etc., cooperate closely with other top brake parts manufactures and brands, accept small QTY order and support customized service.

    02Production Machines & Lines

    I want to build up my own factory, but I have no experience, don't know how to choose the right machines.

    As a company with 15 years’ experience in brake industry, Bullbrakes can design your plant and provide suitable production machines according to your capacity, quality level and other customized requirements.

    03Friction Materials

    No good and stable formulas, high cost and poor quality, no supplier can provide all the raw materials, and the sales are not professional.

    Bullbrakes have a long stable relationship with national mining groups, and many other raw material suppliers, guaranteeing products’ stability and quality. One-stop purchasing our stable, mature materials and formulas reduces the cost.


    We don’t know how to install or repair machines, need long term technical services, and even ask for engineers.

    We provide long and regular quality technical services, with the technical supporting from the engineers team with over 8 years’ experience in brake industry, and we will dispatch them to our clients’ factories to provide specific training and make sure every partner factory will operate well.


    We worry about raw material supply, techniques, drawings and formulation as well as other technical problems.

    Bullbrakes with its long experience in brake industry, master many kinds of mature formulas, with the guaranteed supply of stable and quality raw materials. Professional brake industry consultants are at online service to answer and solve your technical problems in 24 hours on 365 days.


    Delivery time is too long, auditing factories costs too much money and manpower, and no guarantee.

    Bullbrakes have distributors and partner factories all over the world, our flexible and rapid management on resources can shorten the delivery time. Our factories are 5S standardized and have TS16949 certificate, and all partners are top 20 in brake industry, so we welcome clients to audit our factories.


    We have financial pressure, such as capital turnover, financial cost and project budget, which will lead to high pressure on our procurement fund, and no supplier can accept forward L/C.

    Bullbrakes have strategic cooperation with Alibaba Group and Sinosure to offer you multiple financing plans, ensuring the security of your finance as well as your whole procurement procedure.


    BULL INDUSTRY CO.,LIMITED is a group company, which professionally offers one-stop solution for vehicle brake system, engineering machinery brake system, industrial friction materials, production lines of brake parts and materials,etc.The company has branch offices in China and cooperates with many factories, such as Puyu, Guanyan, Bohao, Uai, Tangju, Jinzheng, Gold Phoenix, Xinyi, etc, respectively doing business and trading of brake pads, brake shoes, brake linings, brake discs, brake drums, brake accessories, devices for brake disc pads, devices for brake drum pads, friction materials,etc. Bull Industry provides products and solutions for our domestic and international clients. We are not only a products supplier, but a service provider to help our clients manage one-stop solution for brake system, friction materials and production lines. Tell us your obstructions, back to you a satisfying solution!Purchase Your Brake Parts At One-Stop!

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  • Brake Pads & Linings Machines Loading and Shipment
    Brake Pads & Linings Machines Loading and Shipment

    This video shows how to load and ship out brake pads and brake linings production equipment.

  • Shipping Of Brake Pads Production Machines
    Shipping Of Brake Pads Production Machines

    Bull Brakes supervise the shipping of Brake Pads Production machines, this inspection avoid the missing when shipping company employees put machine into the container.

  • The Automatic Production line of brake pads backing plate
    The Automatic Production line of brake pads backing plate

    Bull Brakes Automatic production line of brake pad backing plate help factory finish the process from cutting back sheet to fine processing continuously. Greatly reduces the labour, to make the production line become more efficient.

  • Industry Dynamics

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  • Automechanika Shanghai 2015
    Automechanika Shanghai 2015

    The 2015 Frankfurt Automechanika Exhibition started in Shanghai from 2nd ,Dec-5th ,Dec.A few big brake system manufacturer gathered in Shanghai, like TRW, BREMBO, FBK, FRASLE,RAYBESTOS, BOSCH,etc…these big brand manufacture occupy important space in Global friction ...

  • Poland AUTO Parts and Accessory Expo 2015 (APAE)
    Poland AUTO Parts and Accessory Expo 2015 (APAE)

    Poland AUTO Parts and Accessory Expo 2015 (APAE) will be held in Kielce, the second largest city in Poland, even in East Europe Countries. Bull Industry Co., Limited will come and attend, please visit us on the show.

  • 17th CFSMA International Friction & Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition
    17th CFSMA International Friction & Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition

    The 17th CFSMA International Friction & Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition was convened in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Henan Province, China, from May 27th to May 29th, 2015.

  • Technical Knowledge

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  • Parking Brake Mechanisms
    Parking Brake Mechanisms

    The parking brake system is a secondary braking system used to hold a parked car in position. They are applied independently of the service brakes. Since there is no inertia to overcome, less braking power is required to hold the vehicle stationary and less force is required to apply. The appli...

  • Basic Hydraulic Theory For Vehicle Brake System
    Basic Hydraulic Theory For Vehicle Brake System

    Brake systems use hydraulic fluid in a closed system to transmit motion. The hydraulic brake system is governed by physical laws that makes it efficient at transmitting both motion and force. Blaise Pascal discovered the scientific laws governing the behavior of liquids under pressure. Pascal&r...

  • Fundamental Principles For Vehicle Brake System
    Fundamental Principles For Vehicle Brake System

    The basic principle of brake operation id the conversion of energy. Energy is the ability to do work. The most familiar forms of energy in automotive use are: chemical, electrical and mechanical. For example starting an engine involves several conversions. Chemical energy in the battery is conv...

  • Quality Suppliers And Brands

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  • Ferodo--The First Brake Pad In The World
    Ferodo--The First Brake Pad In The World

    In 1867 year, Herbert Frood invented the world's first brake pads, and established the Ferodo brand. Although Ferodo is not well-known in China, it was hailed as the world's first brand of brake pads, and Herbert was titled with“father of the brakes."

  • BOSCH-Brake Pads Without Copper For Environmental Protection
    BOSCH-Brake Pads Without Copper For Environmental Protection

    Recently, BOSCH announced that they will provide brake pads without copper materials in their brake system products considering for environmental protection.

  • Mintex®--Braking With Tradition
    Mintex®--Braking With Tradition

    The clever slogan “Braking With Tradition” plays on words to reflect the company’s fundamental commitment to safer braking while on the other hand means to the continuous product development that safely stops the cars throughout the world.


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